The Stand4rd is a St. Paul, Minnesota collective consisting of four eccentric artists. The very romantic Spooky Black,  arguably the most recognizable of the quartet, teamed up with rapper/producer Bobby Raps, producer Psymun, and rapper Allan Kingdom to build a computer based sound that is both rap and R&B. The Stand4rd is group rooted with talent that just so happens to take advantage of the tools accessible to an internet based generation. 

Four unique solo artists creating one debut album does, of course, lead to a product with a wide range of feels. Their first track “Binoculars,” is a smooth rap/trapsong, that pays tribute to their progress. Leaving no room for interpretation, Allan Kingdom raps, “look what I created in my room- we’re just kids with computers.” Other tracks, such as “Pretty,” and “AsapRockyTypeBeat” are more true to Spooky’s style, with ambient vocals, simple lyrics and a wavy, dreamlike quality.

Fun fact!! When Spooky first came onto the scene, with the release of his music video, “Without U” (which is one of my all time favourites), it caught the attention of successful Canadian producer Doc McKinney. Mckinney, who greatly contributed to the success of The Weeknd, flew The Stand4rd out to Toronto for a month, and headed the recording of their album.

Whether or not you were previously a fan of the artists in the collective, prepare for The Stand4rd as it own unique entity. This debut group holds a lot of promise, with a fresh and easy sound.


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