These Days


Fueled by a crowd of friends, including a guess-the-drug duo, Carvings instigated some glorious moshing in the perfectly paradoxical Sleepless Goat a few weeks ago. Needless to say, a Carvings show is a good time. These high-energy performances are orchestrated by five Kingston-based musicians who are brandishing an aggressive amount of talent, stamina, and an admirable commitment to their craft.

If you are expecting a Bon Iver ukulele cover band, you may want to move on. (Actually, try scrolling down a bit…we may have what you are looking for). So what to expect from Carvings? A lot of loud. But a precise, rhythmically driving and highly dynamic loud. You can expect a seamless counterbalance of their heavy sound with softer elements, characteristic of the contemporary punk music scene. And, look forward to some contagious hollering and clamouring.

Carvings’ new EP, These Days, is available for download at their bandcamp as an ‘optional-free’ download. (But just a reminder- paying for music is still a thing.)


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