Things I Can’t Change


You feel that? That’s a gut-punch brought to you by California’s own, The Story So Far. Released earlier this year, the band’s sophomore album What You Don’t See exceeded expectations following 2011’s Under Soil and Dirt. Formed in 2007, the band developed it’s distinct brand of pop-punk that has effectively revitalized the often tired, overdone, and repetitive sounds that plague the genre. Vocalist Parker Cannon leads the way with his raw and unabashed, in-your-face delivery that you can’t help but find yourself humming along to. Oh, and the band? They bring it loud and fast, carefully calculated and tightly executed.

The album opener, ‘Things I Can’t Change’, is a perfect example of what to expect from the lads. Thrashing drums, grinding guitars, and killer hooks. Their sound is characterized by a high degree of originality and honesty that makes some other bands efforts’ in the genre come across as uninspired and laughable. I’m not even going to suggest other notable tracks from the album, it would just be a slippery slope. Check it out.

The Story So Far will be playing at the Phoenix in Toronto on November 27th. Stage dives and high fives all night.

– Paul

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