Heavy Head

Throw Me To The Wolves


Released on December 3, 2013 as a appetizer for what’s to come on their Spring 2014 full-length, Heavy Head, “Throw Me To The Wolves” by Elder Brother has caught my full and unabated attention. It’s not uncommon for touring bands to bounce musical ideas off of one another when on the road, kick out some jams together, etc., but Elder Brother is an example of an instance where something just clicked between members of different bands that needed to be fleshed out. Composed of permanent members Kevin Geyer (The Story So Far) and Dan Rose (Daybreaker), and touring members Gus Pesce (Defeater) and Matthew Charles Vincent (The American Scene), Elder Brother possess some serious cred.

“Throw Me To The Wolves” speaks for itself – it’s groovy, emotive, and hooky. The four-piece create a very full and dynamic sound while preserving something that is distinctively punk in their tone and lyrical content. Get to know these guys, and hopefully you’ll look forward to the upcoming LP as much as I am. Future stage dives and high fives to come.

– Paul

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