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Magic Arrow – Timber Timbre


This past Saturday the 13th I was treated to the haunting melodies of Timber Timbre at the Isabel Bader Performance Hall.

Opening band Luka took the stage and shared their honest and quirky love songs with the audience, (shout out to all my hopeless romantics out there!) followed by an explosion of sound courtesy of Timber Timbre. Using awesome levels, the layering of all the sounds and with the magic of synth to tie it all together, the room was brought to life! The energy could be felt reverberating through the music and as the bass vibrated within my body, the incredible acoustic capabilities of the Performance Hall were put on full display.

Lead singer Taylor Kirk had an interesting way of approaching the audience with very few words exchanged between songs, and at times he would even turn his back to the audience. Traditionally, this is frowned upon in the world of performance, but in this case he made it work. The sound of the music was so intense and overwhelming that little to no words were needed to appreciate the spectacle taking place.

The music seized every ounce of the audience’s attention until one audience member decided to show off her array of eccentric dance moves in the left aisle. But can you really blame her for wanting to get up and move a little? As I sat there taking it all in, my foot tapping away, I felt an intense desire to get up and join the girl and her friends (backup dancers). This desire was met with even more temptation when lead singer Taylor Kirk invited audience members to come dance on stage. What ensued was quite funny, as a few of the “left aisle dancers” awkwardly danced off to the side on stage, only to be joined by the band members of Luka. To top it all off, lead singer Taylor Kirk shared a group hug with the willing dancers after the song had finished.

The whole evening was  a memorable first performance on The Isabel’s grand Performance Hall stage. The beautiful aesthetic design of the Performance Hall, combined with its stunning ability to harness even the most complex sounds produced by Timber Timbre, assured me that I would soon be back.

— Eric

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