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Younger Days




I’ve always believed in listening to albums all the way through; front to back, back to front. When getting to know a band you should sit down, listen and let the album wash over you. Try this out with Close Talker.  An alternative indie rock group from Saskatoon, their debut album Timbres has been one of the go-to soundtracks of my school year since I was introduced to them. Their thoughtful lyrics speak with experience and are delivered with smooth, echoing vocals and some great harmonies. The restrained but complex guitar and the soft rolling percussion combine to make an original sound that evokes rolling fields of wheat and summer rainstorms on the prairies.

Timbres is perfect for both lying awake in bed reflecting on the day that was, or for when you’re getting ready to go out and hopefully run into that one person at the pub. The playful kick in ‘Bonfire’ making it almost reluctantly upbeat showcases the hooks and grooves that appear throughout the album. The soulful lyrics of “Younger Days” and the softly soaring string accompaniment leave you with a kind of reassurance about life. Although, the standout song to me is the beautiful dusky “To The Coast”, with a blend of piano, gentle persistent snare and floating interludes of rhythm that can instantly take you to the coast of your choice, whether it’s a river, lake or ocean.  Be sure to check out the band page as that’s not a tune you want to miss.


– Margaret O’Toole


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