Tithe Pig


“Tithe Pig” is a song off Self Defense Family (formerly End Of A Year)’s LP Try Me. This is some sweet 2014 post-hardcore. Patrick Kindlon’s lyrical delivery is somewhere between Steve Lambke’s whispered drawl and Listener’s frantic howls, but the real show is in the lyrics. Existentialist abstractions have never sounded so good, and Kindlon’s evolution from his emo roots has resulted in resonant emotional lyrics that avoid being cloying or self-centered. Lines such as ‘I understand the pull of religion, when there’s a loss that won’t stop itching’ really stand out. The instrumentation is pretty straight-forward: Low-fi guitars swirl around repeated riffs, with the back half of the song simply building around the word ‘tithe’. While this album can really be appreciated by anybody, it will resonate especially with those who are familiar with Washington hardcore, as the influences of Rites of Spring and Fugazi are apparent. The mix of poetry and dissonance can be hard to approach, but the power it yields after repeated listening is unmistakable.


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