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Just A Dream

Developed in his living room in North Van, Tobias Jesso Jr’s latest album reminds listeners of a simpler time in Music; one where the Beatles were the gods of pop-rock, albums were purchased solely on vinyl and there was no such thing as a synthesizer. Jesso’s Goon invokes true nostalgia to such an era.

With its continual flow of soothing, emotional lyrics and soft piano chords, the album is refreshingly simple. Following a theme of melancholy, Jesso’s rough and airy record really makes listeners feel the heartbreak that is expressed throughout his album.

The album’s underproduction also delivers that nostalgic vinyl sound; one that makes Goon seem like it could have been recorded in the 60s or 70s. This is a big part of what is so impressive about the album, though. By invoking such a reminiscence to the popularity of the piano balladeer, Jesso’s ‘McCartney’ aesthetic makes his first LP instantly timeless. With very little added production, the album exemplifies the true power of raw music; a theme that seems to be somewhat forgotten in recent decades. Looking at the Mccartney/Kanye fusion in FourFiveSeconds, this 2015 thread of simplicity-in-sound did not exactly begin with Goon. However, Tobias Jesso Jr. may very well be leading the pack in this year’s refreshing trend.

I don’t know about you, but I’m praying this trend stays for a while. God damn, is it ever nice.

– Spencer


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