The North

Ounce in my Boxers

Born Alone Die Alone


I’ve been pretty keen for this album to come out for a while. We’ve had Toronto Rapper Guapo of the Saints play several of our Vault house shows over the years and I recall some of the tracks on Trembling being performed at the shows so its cool to see things come full circle ya know? As usual Guapo’s erudite lyrics and quick-witted metaphors and similes had me laughing and having those ‘ah’ moments you get after hearing a particularly clever line.

This album has a decidedly more hip-hop beat than his last project McGillmatic which worked with more dub and electronic beats. The album has 19 tracks which are all pretty solid which is something to say given that this is his 4th mixtape. I’m not much of a songwriter and I have trouble writing in a journal more than six times in a year but to create 4 mixtapes with 12+ songs on each one that all slap deserves a bow and a lil’ flourish. Anyways I haven’t written for the blog in a while since I finished uni but to crawl out from the crypt to do a write up for this album is something for which I definitely have ganas. 





Check out the rest of the album out on Soundcloud right here: https://soundcloud.com/guapoguapoguapo/sets/trembling


Download and call all these tasty tracks your very own here:http://www.mediafire.com/download/bcl36u93thuf30e/%2BTrembling%2B.zip

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