Turles (Gettin Lean)


Two white boys reared in Mississauga named after a company from Dragon Ball Z is not the backstory you would expect for the freshest hip hop out of Kingston since…I’m gonna say quite a while. Capsulecorp (not to be confused with former 4-piece band from Augusta, Georgia) have just released their first single, “Turtles (Gettin Lean)”, and the future looks promising for the enigmatic duo.

Don’t let their sarcasm distract you from the talent that is hugely apparent in this tripped-out, woozy slow burner. Abstract lines (“shoulda grilled steak”) are interspersed with reflections on a failed relationship, self-doubt, threats of violence, and desperate pleas. The beat becomes increasingly glitchy and frenetic as our narrator loses his cool and frustration sets in.

By the time we reach the chorus (I store it well/inside of my tortoise shell/Sorta fell short of everything/And you can sorta tell) we already have a picture of agitation and cynicism that is all too relatable, if not quite in as explicit terms. Production-wise, the beat (courtesy of Yung Cebo) is dreamy and dark, heavily layered, and manages to stay interesting with percussive accents and synth runs. “Turtles (Gettin Lean)” is riding the airwaves of CFRC, and Capsulecorp make infrequent, though thoroughly entertaining, live appearances. Stay tuned.

– Graham

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