Arthur Channel is the product of John Green, Greg Richling, Alain Johannes and Jack Irons. “Vapor” is their premier track for their upcoming album, which should be due out sometime this year. The song is somewhat of a sadder sounding doo-wop with the two guitars doing a call and response between finger picking and accented chords right after. Green’s vocals are fantastic and complement the instrumentation very effectively. Let’s just say that I am very excited for the release of their debut album. The reason I am so excited comes partially from the history that a few of the members carry with them.

If the last two names mentioned earlier seem familiar, there’s a reason for it. Johannes and Irons are long-time friends, first collaborating together in the band, What Is This? It just so happens that Flea and Hillel Slovak were also a part of the group, both founding members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, along with Irons.

Johannes has played with Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Chris Cornell and many, MANY more acts. He has also headed production on albums for many well known musicians. Irons has not only played for the Chili Peppers, but has also played for Pearl Jam, Spinerette and The Wallflowers (which Richling was also a part of).

Both Irons and Johannes met again in the 90s, creating the band Eleven, one of my personal favourite bands from the decade. After their third member Natasha Schneider, who was also Johannes partner, tragically passed away due to cancer, Johannes has picked himself up and released a solo album, worked on several projects with other musicians, and was just recently featured in the Sound City documentary. All four of the bands members are extremely talented. I know that when their album finally does come out, it will be a treat for the ears.


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