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Up-and-coming artist Tei Shi has just blessed listeners with her new EP, Verde. Having only released her first single a mere 2 years ago, Verde makes clear that Tei Shi has evolved into a respectable and entertaining recording artist. It is safe to incite that Verde is her most interesting and ultimately most impressive collection to date.

Although originating from Argentina, Valerie Teicher has spent most of her life moving across North America. Through cities such as Vancouver, Montreal, and now New York, Tei Shi has experienced a vast mosaic of musical culture, undoubtedly contributing to her distinct sound. This sound, too, has itself adapted to a more mainstream, poppy vibe, while still maintaining the airy, ethereal qualities of her 2013/14 releases.

This accumulation of musical experience has led Tei Shi to embody the epitome of current experimental pop music. With a soft, echoey tone, Tei Shi’s voice makes a quick comparison to big-name female artists such as Jessie Ware, Purity Ring’s Megan James, and the HAIM sisters. This voice overlays a series of distinct sounds throughout the EP as well. From internal, liquid-like rhythms, to offbeat bursts of synth, to the chambered bravado of some of her slower tracks, Verde truly exemplifies Tei Shi’s diversity within her genre.

If there is one thing that stays constant throughout the EP, it is that these vocals work with whatever they accompany. With such an organic blend in production, Tei Shei’s voice truly acts as an instrument in itself.

Although the EP is really set to drop on April 14, Verde has been premiered on Hype Machine until it’s official release. Peep some of the EP’s hits above, and make sure to stream the full collection at http://hypem.com/premiere/tei+shi.

This is one EP that you will not want to miss.

– Spencer

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