Vitamin (Remix)

Coming at you guys this week with a track by Berlin-based rap group Aem 16 & Apfel. The group is originally from Freiburg in Southern Germany but I met the producer Georg while down in Argentina and got turned onto their first two mixtapes Erntefunk and 16 Äpfel, which by the way, you can download for free on their bandcamp: 

The well-built and often novel samples under the smooth flow are what I particularly enjoy about these guys; it also gives me a chance to practice my German. Here in Canada we often get the sense that German is a harsh language that’s not so nice for listening but I would counter that statement by telling the haters to listen to this guy’s verses. In the coming months the group should have another album coming out and I will henceforth let you know once it’s released. In the meantime, bump these beats in order to impress other hip-hop heads or to appear as though you speak German.


Also here’s the video for the track and its pretty great, especially if you enjoy wide-frame shots.

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