reuben and the dark image

We Belong

Shoulder Blade

Emerging from Calgary’s burgeoning folk scene, Reuben and the Dark is a soothing mug of chamomile tea for chilled, exam-stressed souls. If urban myth is to be believed, this quartet was discovered by the manager of Florence + the Machine, Mairead Nash, after she heard them playing at a cafe in Mexico and then later tracked them down at the beach nearby.¬† They have just returned from a European tour and have been playing their way through Ontario, although unfortunately Kingston was not in their path.

Reuben Bullock’s expressive voice animates swooning lyrics that pull at the heartstrings, reinterpreting universal themes such as love and loss. “We Belong” is a smoldering, slow burning song that ignites in the end with a chorus chanting in the background. Another great song is “Shoulder Blade,” in which the band experiments with trumpets and a psychedelic sounding guitar, transcending the typical boundaries of folk music. Head over to Reuben and the Dark’s bandcamp page for a free download of the tune.


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