We Bros

This isn’t exactly the newest song, but it’s not that old. Its return to relevance is marked by the fact that WU LYF have broken up this past weekend. While this may not seem like an issue to you now, if you take some time to listen to their self-released debut (and now only) album, Go Tell Fire To The Mountain, you’ll realize what a disappointment it is that there will not be a sophomore effort in the foreseeable future.

WU LYF have a sound that is entirely their own, and “We Bros” is a great example of this. Tribal, driving drums combine with furious bass lines and echoing high-range guitar lines to produce a frantic, hugely energetic sound. On top of all this is singer Ellery Roberts’ deranged howls and unintelligible but compelling lyrical delivery. Just as you’re wondering how the music could possibly escalate any more, it cuts out almost completely to reveal a subtle organ track you didn’t know was there. Suddenly the same raspy howls seem pointed and fragile, giving you a greater appreciation of the subsequent re-working into a frenzy.

I guess my main point is that while the demise of this band saddens me, Go Tell Fire To The Mountain is definitely an album worth celebrating. This band made music on their own terms, through self-production and self-releasing, and if this is all we’re going to get from them, well  let’s just enjoy what we’ve got.


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