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We’ll Always Have Paris



Happy Hump Day to all! I hope it rains tonight so you can cozy up, turn down the lights, and get moody to some Daniel Caesar. This singer-songwriter from Toronto released his EP “Praise Break” back in September and is very much channeling (get it??) our dear friend Frank Ocean. Although not as vibrant as Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange, it’s obvious this young artist is indulging in style and vision.

Throughout the seven tracks, Daniel’s soulful vocals lead you along in a tale about lurrrveeee. His songs are layered with samples of Humphrey Bogart in “Casablanca,” and gospel music in “Pseudo”, as well as reoccurring lines, such as “You’re my violet,” throughout each track, which all add to the smoothness and linear aspect of this album.

His EP also includes a stunning cover of James Vincent McMorrow’s “Cavalier,” which has gotten tons of positive feedback, including a kudos tweet from the original artist himself (#realrecognizereal). I think the most impressive aspect of this EP is that the editing and smoothness across all seven tracks is of the upmost quality, which makes for some very easy listening from start to finish. May you all enjoy it as much as I have!

– Annie


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