Metz Band

Wet Blanket


I first posted about METZ when The Vault was just getting off the ground in October. At the time, their self-titled debut LP had just been released, and I couldn’t have been more excited about it. Well times have only gotten better for this Toronto three-piece, being lauded by critics and festival goers alike. My favourite thing about METZ is their approach to their development: spend time on the local scene developing a fanbase, craft a unique sound, and play show after show until your live show is unparalleled.

This song is great, because really, the whole album is great. Everything is just maxed out: the drums are distorting, the bass is pounding, the feedback is tangible. If you find yourself listening to “Wet Blanket” and thinking “I just don’t get it”, I’m almost certain I know why: you haven’t seen METZ live. Being a Toronto native I can attest, these guys put on one hell of a show. They’re probably the loudest and fullest-sounding three-piece I’ve ever seen. A lot of bands and reviewers alike talk about the “energy” of a band’s live act, but nothing compares to METZ’s full-on noise assault. I emphasize their live show because, fresh off a stint at SXSW, they will be playing in Kingston next week. METZ play the Grad Club on Tuesday, April 9.


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