2013-04-12 23.47.39


Starting up around ten the show opened up with an interesting set by Valleys a guy/girl duo also from Montreal  (Sidenote: YO to the girl keyboardist I noticed you wuz wearing an A Place Beyond The Pines t-shirt, I also happened to notice that that movie officially released in theatres that night and was wondering if maybe you were part of some next level marketing thing/the illuminati/maybe just saw an early screening?).

When Suuns came on there was a pretty good (but still intimate) crowd surrounding the stage. When these guys started things off, the whole atmosphere in the room changed. It was like “Damn, these guys are a fucking BAND”. If I had to describe their vibe/sound I would say its kind of sinister but in like the best way possible (I feel like if they created their own version of the fight club soundtrack it would be really good if that helps give you an idea of the sinister definition). The way lead singer Ben Shemie kind of hung off the microphone really added this cool quality to the stage presence. The sound guy turned off the main stage light at which point the band was draped in red light which was the cherry on top to set the mood as the crowed swayed and danced with themselves.

I hope eking out your vitamin-d deficient, soggy, and potentially sexually frustrated exam season in the library was worth it last night because that was not a show to be lightly missed.


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