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So this Wednesday we had the pleasure of seeing a show you don’t usually see in Kingston. A hip-hop showcase several artists from a Toronto Record label and some local talent as well. The night started off with a local act RaRE who brought out a solid crowd. Then a rapper from Toronto, Aces High, who performed an energetic set that got the crowd fired up. At this point the second floor of the Mansion was pretty full. The mix of characters was intriguing, from people who looked equally as at home at a rock concert to those dressed in the standard streetwear set of a lot of black (particularly the toques with white lettering on them) and even a fur coat or two.

The Base-6, also affiliated with Smashmouth entertainment were DJ-ing for the night with some dope tracks as interludes between sets. Next up was SeT who probably gave the friendliest performance of the night, everytime he finished a song he always had something nice to say to the crowd, he was also great at performing and just sat down in the middle of the stage at one point and continued rapping.

Sidenote- I’ve gotta hand it to all the performers because there were at least 4 high quality cameras on these guys at all time and none of them broke a sweat or let it fuck up their flow which was great because the photos the Vault got that night are most excellent (coming soon).

Next up was Jimmy B who started his performance by shouting “I’m drunk as motherfucker!”  -which was awesome. He also gave a set which can only be described as having turned up. He played the crowd really well pumping his arms and using the whole stage. Next was theO who drew a big audience as was evident by all the True North Collective gear that was being worn that night. He gave a huge performance; eyes wide, jumping around the stage and not losing a beat. He also dropped a few new tracks he’s been working on which we hope will be on his upcoming mixtape. To finish the night off DillanPonders played who carries the energy of a seasoned performer, my friend also accurately commented that he looks like a rockstar. Some really fast flows on a few of his tracks and an unreal performer who really knew how to play the crowd. All in all it was a great night, especially considering it was a Wednesday in late January. I’d be stoked to see the crowd this talent could draw on a Friday or Saturday.

Stay tuned to The Vault for our Photos and Footage of the Event and Interview with Dillan Ponders and SeT!

And a big shout-out to Nick Roberti for making it all happen!



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