When You Let Your Hair Down to Your Shoulder

Will Stratton has released four LPs and one EP. He began as a simple folk musician and since has blended violins and cellos with his folky style. If I were to label his current album under a genre, I’d have to say that it’s progressive folk. Nothing else describes it better than that. The songs aren’t all exceedingly long and drawn out like other prog pieces, but that sense of classical influence and style is certainly there.

“When You Let Your Hair Down To Your Shoulder” combines amazing guitar work, some bowed string instruments and great composition into one song. The song has no percussion section and it doesn’t hurt it one bit. The first time I heard this song I knew this fellow had incredible musical talent. The guitar is incredibly precise the whole way through; the chord structure is brilliant; the musicianship is remarkable; not to mention, this song is also incredibly relaxing, yet interesting at the same time.

I’ve asked many people if they have heard of Will Stratton, and sadly not many of them have. When I show these very same folks, they are blown away every time. I hope you are as well.


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