Lightning Tent


Welcome to the Wildlife experience baby. This band exhibits some phenomenal qualities, both on and off the stage. In an interview with them prior to the show I got a chance to sit down with them and hear a little bit about their band life. Headlining the Grad Club on Saturday March 30th, they continued to kick off their 2014 Spring Tour, with its debut at Zaphods in Ottawa on the 29th. The tour route takes them out through Winnipeg, Saskatoon, out to Vancouver, then down to LA to wrap it up on the 9th of April. You might be thinking, “damn that’s a lot of time on the road,” and you’d be right. However between tablet versions of Monopoly, Risk and some overtired inspired charades, they manage to pass the time amicably.

On April 1st they meet up with Boy and Bear, an Aussie indie band. Allegedly, the tour was booked entirely through agents, resulting in absolutely no communication between Wildlife and Boy and Bear. Here’s to hoping they get along, as they’re going to be hanging out a fair amount over the next fortnight.

They tore the house down last night at the Grad Club with their uniquely head-bangeable yet still head-bearable music. They cite, albeit once in 2010, their influences to be Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie and the Clash. However, last night I found them to be much more reminiscent of Sam Roberts, specifically the album Lo-fantasty, when they rocked to the double time disco beat. The drums especially stood out, as they would move from that disco feel in one song, to a Local Natives/ Half Moon Run off-beat rim-knock indie-rock feel in the next. Very diverse.

Image wise they definitely have a lot of fun. Given the matching outfits, the dancing and jumping around on stage and the synchronized head-banging during big jams, it’s clear they’ve got a talent for gauging each other, but more importantly for gauging the audience. I never got a chance to talk them about the matching outfits, but the class of an all black dress outfit crossed with the splash of yellow on the bandana around the left arm speaks to a subtle amount of tasteful humor.

They dropped their album On the Heart in March of 2013, and have been promoting it fairly relentlessly. When asked what their main influences were for the album, they readily replied with, “Alcohol.” Once the laughter subsided, they delved into the setting where the writing took place, a cottage up on Sturgeon Lake near the Kawarthas. With just a visit to their official webpage, the album begins to play. Don’t let that deter you; It’s more endearing than annoying. However if you disagree, the mute button’s on the bottom right, not the top right. Check it out either way, here’s the link. They’re definitely worth your time to listen to, thanks for reading in.

– Noah Viner

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