Winter Trees

Kate believes that calling a song beautiful is a bit of a cop out.  She says that you need to go deeper than that; so many things are “beautiful”, calling something else beautiful really doesn’t mean much.  My first instinct was to say “Winter Trees” is a beautiful song, but maybe I’ve spent too much time with Kate because I don’t think I could leave it at that.

“Winter Trees,” off of the debut album Dead & Born & Grown, is soothing.  Listening to this song will send you in to a peaceful haze.  The gentle, ardent harmonies are absolutely hypnotizing.  “Winter Trees” will fill you with the same feeling you get from watching a gentle snow-fall outside your bedroom window or sitting on a dock on a hot summer’s day dipping your toes into the lake.  It is a beautiful song, but it’s more than that too.

– Emma

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