Language Arts is a band currently based in Toronto with a female front(wo)man, Kristen Cudmore, who totally kicks ass.  Their first album Where Were You In The Wild came out in October 2009.  It’s a witty and powerful album and given that it came out well before the start of the ethereal synth-folk trend that’s popular right now, it’s way ahead of its time.

“Wonderkind” the first single released is the title track off the new album due out this February.  The song is both dark and whimsical; a combination that when done right is beautiful. Think Edward Scissor Hands but Tim Burton himself hasn’t been able to nail the combination quite as well as this band did for some time now. Their experimental pop-folk sound is right for the time now and the raw emotion that Kristen Cudmore puts into her song writing is enough to set them apart.  Keep tabs on Language Arts, I suspect that with this second album they’ll get the attention they deserve.

And, hey! The art work is a picture of a unicorn!

– Emma



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