World We Own


I’m not sure what it is about that Lana Del Ray-esq ‘live fast, love hard, die young’ tone that is so appealing to us “tortured youth”, but whatever it is, Sundays first single “World We Own” captures the beautiful morbidity with ease. The steady oscillating synth, subtle drum, and haunting vocals draw you in and make this more of an experience than just a song.

From the very little I can dig up about Sundays, I’ve learned 1. she’s a Vancouver-based experimental electronic/soul singer/songwriter and producer 2. her debut EP, Of Eros and I, is to be released later this summer …and that’s about it. Whether intentional or not, the mysterious air about Sundays adds all the more to her alluring style, and creates the feeling that you’ve just read a dramatic cliffhanger and are left anxiously waiting to see what happens.

I’ll be right there with you checking to see what’s next,


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