Do you feel like getting fucked in the heart today?

Running on angst and reeking of Britain, these four boys from Birmingham have enjoyed massive affection from various voices. They’ve received impressive comparisons to Vampire Weekend and Wu Lyf, and have been dubbed “the future of indie” by The Guardian. Peace released their debut album, In Love, March 23, 2013- and what have they brought us? Well set the table, baby, because the future is tasty: A ginger beat I can really tap my baby toe to, a little bit of aggression to amuse-mon-bouche, and a bright, colourful palate sprinkled with a little bit of gloom.

And if all these words fail to introduce to you the great and blaring Peace, here are some of their own words, that I suspect might do them much more justice than the most generous of adjectives: MUSIC TO FUCK YOU IN THE HEART.

Catch these kids on the European and North American festival route this summer!

– Kate

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