Wrong Or Right


Ah! Fuck yeah! Been waiting for new tunes from this guy for ages.

I caught Kwabs at the magical Wilderness Festival in England this summer and was blown away! Lonesome on stage, he proved himself to be a master of both his instrumentals and looping, taking us on a delightful journey through various sounds, lulling yours truly into a pacified state of hypnotic contentment, rising out only to the glorious realization that I was in the midst of a brilliant, full, layered song he had created in front of us. In the past year I’ve found myself lucky enough to witness some excellent live performances using looping and, growing to absolutely love and revere this technique, I am confident Kwabs was my favorite such performance. Since then, I have been following him quite eagerly, waiting for the day that he will bless us all with a single, and EP an album… anything I can pay for. But, while today is one day closer, today is not that day. As far as my research goes, KWABS has as of yet only released songs through various streaming sites, with this most recent song (produced by SOHN), ‘Wrong Or Right’ released on SoundCloud. However, Kwabs’ first EP, Wrong Or Right, is expected to be released on February 3rd, so stay tuned! This EP will feature a remix of ‘Wrong Or Right’ by Ben Pearce, another one of my favourite artists 2013 brought to my attention (cheers, Zhenia!). In the meantime, wander over to his SoundCloud page, browse through his various Youtube videos, and if ever given the chance, see this beautiful, talented man perform his talent live for you. (Make sure you get an extra ticket for me).

– Kate


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