Wrong Side of History


I feel like we may have been neglecting the lower end over here at the Vault, and sometimes you need something a bit faster, more dissonant, more raw. Lately for me that something has been Kowloon Walled City’s album Container Ships.¬†Reminiscent of early to mid-2000’s post-hardcore, Kowloon Walled City aren’t THAT heavy. What’s more important here is their direction of focus. The surging bass lines and aggressive riffs in drop-C take the spotlight, with the shouted vocals left strangled in the middle of the mix. Unlike a lot of metal or hardcore the drums are nimble and concise, with the cymbals being almost lost in the roar of guitar.

“Wrong Side of History” is my personal favourite off Container Ships. It’s as if the Constantines’ first album had a louder, bullying older brother, who hung out with At The Drive In and Refused. It’s also a good reflection of the album: mostly 3 and a half to 4 minute songs, riffing hard, an unrelenting embrace of punk and metal for those who are tired of punk and metal. I would put it up there with METZ’s amazing self-titled debut, in that both embrace a back-to-basics approach with all the subtlety of a hurricane.


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