Yellow Light


We’ve all heard “Little Talks” probably one too many times, but if you haven’t checked out the rest of Of Monsters and Men’s debut album My Head is an Animal, you’re missing out. The six-piece Icelandic band, while not heavy in quantity of lyrics, definitely makes up for it in quality. In today’s world of lyrical geniuses—namely T Swift (especially “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, that one was a gem) and Tyga (“Rack City”? Obviously a classic)—OMAM absolutely have a style of their own. With most songs centering around woodland animals and aquatic life, the group has managed to convey some pretty heavy themes and messages through their tracks.

“Yellow Light” is a perfect example of them mastering this style. While reading the lyrics without music, it almost seems like you’re reading a poorly edited children’s book that doesn’t really go anywhere or make much sense, but it’s that sense of childish naivety that is what makes the song sound so pure. I can see how the song could be interpreted in a sad way (the singer is trying to move on but ultimately can’t overcome the obstacles), but my overly optimistic mind interprets it a bit differently. What I get from the song, and partly why I love it so much, is that: yeah, life’s tough and it definitely feels like we’re getting eaten alive sometimes, but why stress over everything? Ignore the sharks, ignore the beasts, and just live. Follow your yellow light, or your bliss, or whatever you want to call it and just be you.


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