Yet Again


I was already a huge Grizzly Bear fan, and had been waiting for their new LP, Shields, for months. To say this album lived up to my expectations is an understatement. The lead-off single “Sleeping Ute” was great, sounding like a traditional Grizzly Bear song but with a little something more. However, it’s their second single “Yet Again” that really blew me away.

“Yet Again” is definitely one of their more traditionally structured songs. It puts up familiar Grizzly Bear guitar tone/mixing but with a more up-tempo drumbeat and creative use of background instruments to add ambience. This track has less background vocals than normal, allowing you to concentrate on Ed Droste’s lyrics. Judging by the instrumentation, I would think this is going to be one of their most exciting songs to see live. Just when you think it’s a little too streamlined and radio-friendly, they throw on some fuzz and rock out in a more “plugged-in” sounding noise jam than they’ve done in quite a while. The whole album is a wonder, and “Yet Again” is just the place to get started!


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