You’re Mine


One of the first posts I submitted to The Vault was for a  great acoustic love song by Nova Scotia’s own Joel Plaskett. Well I’m here again to extol the virtues of Joel’s more plugged-in, cranked-up side. “You’re Mine” is another tune off the Emergency’s latest LP, Scrappy Happiness. This song is remarkably full for a three-piece (especially when you consider the tenor guitar), and manages to take a traditional set-up and make it sound fresh and exciting. The structure is that of a standard rock song [verse, pre-chorus, chorus, repeat!] and outside of a few unexpected licks or fills there aren’t too many surprises, musically. But the song’s true merit, like many of Joel Plaskett’s songs, lies in his uncanny ability as a songwriter. The lyrics are drenched in nostalgia, yet are rallying and optimistic. If you’re not on board by the chorus’ falsetto finale of “I am yours and you are MINE”, you gotta start over and give this song the attention it deserves.

Joel Plaskett Emergency headlines the Wolfe Island Music Festival this year, and I couldn’t think of anyone more appropriate to front this all-Canadian, all-independent festival. I saw them at the Grand Theatre last October, and it was one of the longest, most energetic, musically exciting shows I’ve seen in years. Joel has a huge catalogue to select from and tackles every song with gusto and confidence, as does his extremely consistent rhythm section (i.e. The Emergency). It’s ok to feel good about feel-good music.


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