You’ve Changed


Shotgun Jimmie: The unsung hero of Sackville, New Brunswick. Formerly of the band Shotgun and Jaybird, Jimmie has been quietly releasing albums for quite a while, and judging by his latest album, Transistor Sister, he continues to refine and improve his songcraft.
Shotgun Jimmie is the definition of D.I.Y.; most of his songs are stripped bare of any pretension or elaborate studio mixing. Jimmie runs a fine line between sarcasm and ‘not give a fuck’ attitude and a heartbreaking sincerity that comes across, to me personally, as extremely genuine.
“You’ve Changed”, a song off the Paint It Pink EP, isn’t his newest stuff, but it’s a great introduction. Lo-fi at its best, this song manages to fit in humour and heartache in just over two minutes. With just drums, vocals and acoustic guitar, he proves that sometimes you don’t need elaborate orchestration to get your message across. Shotgun Jimmie keeps it simple, and keeps me coming back for more.


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