Strong Mind

That’s All


Zeus: classic rock revival, and then some. The band from Barrie stopped into Kingston on Friday to play a sold-out show at the Grad Club. After opener Dan Griffin (keyboardist of the Arkells) played an intimate set of mostly original material, the band stepped on stage to play well over an hour of pure, unbridled rock.

This isn’t Zeus’ first time in Kingston.  We saw them last year at the Grad Club, and again this past summer at the Wolfe Island music festival. Clearly, we had an idea of what to expect at the show, but time and time again these guys manage to exceed expectations. The whole show was chalk full of raw energy. Zeus kicked off with “Strong Mind”, a ditty off of their most recent album, outdoing the studio version of their song. This trend went on for the rest of the night and didn’t stop for a moment. While both albums Say Us and Busting Visions are great listens, the live show is where Zeus are truly in their natural element.

Zeus played tunes from Busting Visions, brand new material, and old favourites. “Heavy on Me”, “Kindergarten”, and “Love in a Game”, were standouts, but honestly just about every song showcased the band’s chops. Killer bass-lines, great keyboard sections, slick guitar solos and show-stopping drum fills flew throughout the Grad Club. Not to mention, these guys have incredible vocal harmonies that would make any band jealous.

After they blew the crowd away and stepped off the stage, they were beckoned back for an encore that, believe it or not, was even better than their initial set. After they got back into position, they began their two-track masterpiece, “Greater Times On the Wayside/River By the Garden” and then their super creative cover of Genesis’ “That’s All”.  After these, they ripped right into their head-banger “You Gotta Teller”, a great way to end the night. We’ve seen these guys live three times now, and they are without a doubt one of the best, most consistent live acts going in Ontario right now. If you get a chance to see Zeus, don’t miss it!

-Matt & Graham

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